Welcome to my Blog! Thanks to my family.

I have never written a blog post, so I have no idea what I am doing, but here we go!

My name is Aiko, which is Japanese for "one who loves others"; I like to think that is true. I was named after my aunt, born with a degenerative muscular disease, passed when she was 28. Even still, she was one of the strongest people, making sure to graduate from college while having her mother push her wheelchair to all of her classes. My grandmother, her mother was of the crafty sort; making clothes, doing embroidery, knitting and... drumroll please... CROCHETING! Bet you weren't gonna guess that! Funnily enough, I didn't know she crocheted until after I had already started learning! I did get to raid her yarn stash though once we found it.

Lucky for me, I get to honor my grandma every time I pull out my hook and WIP something up. Thats not the only way! I recently found out that under "favorite things to do" she wrote "sewing, knitting, crocheting, and volleyball". Something else we have in common, volleyball! Any other sports fans out there?

My (older) brother and I grew up playing almost every rec sport we could get our hands on. Please note the almost. His favorite to play was baseball and basketball; mine was volleyball and track. Fun fact: in track I threw javelin. Only 11 of the 50 United States have javelin in high school, and Washington is one of them!

Now, I'm... working on getting back into being active. Adult exercise is so different from that of children, plus the breaking bodies. Perks of growing up! ;)

I'm hoping by now you can tell I like to joke and be sarcastic, but if not, hopefully I'll get better as I write more blogs posts!

Anyway, all for now. Let me know if you have any topics for blogs in the comments!

Woohoo, first blog post! See ya!

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