How to Finish a Hat

The 4 Carat Beanie is one of my favorite hats to make, and not just because it is my design. I love subtle texture that lets the yarn shine and provides the highest level of squish factor!

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It is worked in a round from the bottom up (headband to top of your head), which means the top needs to be cinched together, rather than weaving in your yarn as you crochet like with the magic circle (used for top down hats). In making this hat for almost a year now (yay cake day for the hat is coming up!), I've certainly changed the way I cinch the top as I've gotten more and more experienced.

Once you tie off the last row, be sure to cut the yarn about 2 feet long (seems long, I know). Now, fold over the yarn and move your needle to be slightly off center, so there is about a 4 inch tail overlapping the part where you tied your yarn. This tail will be sewn in later, and will be used to tighten and secure the cinch.

Now, start sewing. This is the *IMPORTANT PART*. When you stitch with your needle, only grab the out