Hi! I'm Aiko!

I was born in Utah, but grew up north of Seattle since I was four years old. I am a fourth generation Japanese American with a close tie to the Japanese Cultural and Community Center of Washington (JCCCW).

I love learning about cultures, and try to reference and highlight mine as much as I can, especially in the fiber world. Many of the names and ideas are born from the people and community surrounding me.

I hope to provide an open and inclusive space, and dream about all the endless possibilities designing can bring. I love to learn new crafts and meet new dogs - I mean people.

I'm a UI/UX Designer, and new cat mama! Nala is the light of my life - even though she eats my yarn.

Aikrochet is a combination of my name, Aiko, and crochet. The literal translation of Aiko is love-child, but the meaning of my name is "one who loves others". Ai, the Japanese character to the right, means "love". I love to crochet. Thus Aikrochet was born!

At least the name, but that came years after I learned that I loved to crochet. That started because I wanted to be productive while watching TV, and keep my hands busy. And now here we are! 

Lately I've added sewing and knitting to my repertoire. See something you like? Send me a message!